Top 5 Foods For Pregnancy, By A Registered Dietitian

top 5 foods for pregnancy
Written by: Co-Founder Amanda Capriglione, RDN, CDN
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Nicole Palmer, DO

Your baby is what you eat! Optimal nutrition is important for you and your growing baby during this time, yet many women walk out of the OB/GYN office without any clue of what foods they should consume and why! Pregnancy can be both an exciting and nerve-racking experience at the same time it’s a bizarre, yet perfectly valid feeling. You’re constantly asking yourself—am I eating enough? Am I eating the right nutrients for myself and my baby? Will this nausea ever end? And the questions keep coming! At the very beginning, you are the mom and you know what’s best for you and your baby – but you may need a little guidance and extra support – and that’s where feed mom & me comes in. All of these questions plus more will be answered by the experts at feed mom & me.

Here are the Top 5 Foods we feel are best to kick start you and your baby’s’ path to health and wellness.


A powerful mix of greens loaded with antioxidants, folate, and vitamin A. Folate is a mandatory nutrient during pregnancy in that it helps prevent severe defects of the spine and brain. Vitamin A is important for fetal growth and development, visual health, and immune function. Enjoy kale and spinach in salads or smoothies. Bake kale chips (with lots of garlic and spices) for a healthier alternative to potato chips.

    1. SALMON

A low mercury fish option specifically to help foster healthy fetal brain development. Enjoy baked or grilled or even conveniently from a can. Just make sure to grab the wild salmon varieties, if possible.

    1. AVOCADO

Loaded with key nutrients and healthy fats to help support brain health. Mashup avocado for guacamole or cube on top of salads or proteins.

    1. BERRIES

An excellent source of vitamin C, antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system and build healthy skin cells. Add berries to cereals or yogurt or munch on them throughout the day.


Yogurt, cheese, lentils, and broccoli are important for the strong growth and development of a baby’s bones. Yogurt also contains probiotics, which are essential for mama’s gut health.

Look for all of these foods in our soon to be feed mom & me meals and snacks designed especially for moms like YOU! Research shows that food nourishes babies inside the womb and can also help develop their palates later on in life.(1) Exposure to these foods early on from either amniotic fluid or breast milk can shape a baby’s palate and thus help them become a more adventurous eater! Imagine your baby loving veggies when it’s time for them to start solids perhaps because you enjoyed them during your pregnancy! Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a women’s life – you are literally growing a whole new human inside of you! Feed mom and me will be there for you and your baby during this journey and hope that you continue to follow with us in ours!