Our Mission

Babies growing in the womb are completely dependent on moms during the development stages of their lives for nutrients and vitamins.

We want to educate women on the benefits of prenatal vitamins and nutrient-rich foods during the prenatal, pregnancy, and postnatal stages of life.  A well-nourished mom is a major fundamental factor to ensure and sustain a healthy pregnancy.

Our mission is to support you and your growing family.  To encourage you to be strong and stay strong and get the best for you and your little one.  Feed Mom & Me Prenatal was formulated by our co-founders, Maria and Amanda (a registered dietitian) and an OB.


Maria is a woman entrepreneur with over ten years’ experience in the food retail industry. Her ever-growing appreciation of food, combined with her love of travel, has inspired her to visit numerous countries and help broaden her knowledge of healthy eating habits of various cultures. With her focus being childbearing women, she’s committed to helping women achieve optimum health during perhaps the most important journey of their lives.


Amanda is a mom and registered dietitian who knows first-hand how important nutrition is for a growing baby! She co-founded feed mom & me in hopes to inspire and nurture other women who are going through the most nerve-racking and exciting experience ever - pregnancy (and beyond!). Amanda lives happily on long island with her children and husband. She loves all things dark chocolate and pasta and craved guacamole all throughout both pregnancies.

Making The Good Stuff

A healthy baby starts from within the womb.

OB, Registered Dietitian, and MOM approved