Top 5 Reasons to take a Prenatal Vitamin

Small prenatal vitamins
Written by: Co-Founder Amanda Capriglione, RDN, CDN
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Nicole Palmer, DO

Planning a pregnancy is an idea, preparing your body is an action. One of the best things you can start doing for you and your child is eating as healthy as possible and taking a prenatal vitamin.


  1. Promotes a healthier pregnancy by enriching a woman’s nutrient status to provide an optimal environment for fetal growth.
  2. Think of it as an “insurance policy” during pregnancy to ensure your little one is getting the extra nutrients they need for growth.
  3. Build and replenish a woman’s nutrient stores before, during, and after pregnancy.
  4. Contain additional nutrients like folic acid and iron that are especially needed in the first trimester.
  5. Gives peace of mind that along with a healthy diet, mommy and baby’s nutrient needs are met.

Feed mom and me believes a nutritious diet comes first during pregnancy— but just in case your diet isn’t “perfect” (hint- it never is!) AND because pregnant women need A LOT of extra nutrients (which is virtually impossible to get from just-food alone) we created the PERFECT prenatal vitamin complete.

Feed mom and me Complete Prenatal contains the nutrients that you and your growing baby depend on. Our vitamin was formulated by our OB, Nicole Palmer, DO, and Registered Dietitian and Co-founder, Amanda Capriglione, RDN, CDN so you can rest assured that your nutrients are all covered. The beauty of our vitamins is that they are easy to swallow because of the unique capsule design. The contents of our pills are released where it’s mostly absorbed, the small intestine. Feed mom and me Complete Prenatal is also free of any dyes, fillers, and chemical preservatives.

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